Legal Services are entering a period of major disruption caused by new legal technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain. CBC are at the forefront of major innovation in alternative dispute resolution for the Construction Sector, which we describe as Algorithmic Dispute Resolution, a form of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution).

In terms of LawTech, we broadly divide online dispute resolution into: a) Consumer ODR – uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between ecommerce parties, typically online suppliers and consumers; b) Judicial ODR - any means of settling ‘ordinary’ disputes where there is a hearing (using technology) but outside of the courtroom, such as divorce or personal injury cases; and what we refer to as c) Corporate ODR – the use of technology to manage the resolution of any contractual disputes that may emerge from major multi-partner projects or financial transactions.

We divide disputes can into either anticipatory disputes, usually contractual, where the use of ADR in the event of a disagreement is mandatory,and post hoc disputes, , where there is a voluntary decision to litigate after the dispute as arisen. Algorithmic Dispute Resolution will concentrate in anticipatory disputes.

Blockchain technologies can be used for case management, discovery and the process of litigation, where automation can be introduced at many stages. Further, the use of blockchain to provide a trust is an important factor in building agreed repositories of underlying transaction documentation as well as fairness in any automated decision making or negotiation solution.


Algorithmic Dispute Resolution, Legal frameworks, Smart Contracts, Intellectual Property