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"The Construction industries are entering a period of major disruption caused by new technologies such as Blockchain, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Construction Blockchain Consortium aims are to become the leading construction industries knowledge transfer consortium in collaboration with a premier university. It is the vehicle for tracking and testing these emerging technologies and build proof-of-concept systems."

Philip Treleaven

Professor of Computing &

Director of the Financial Computing Centre

University College London

The built environment

"We are in an unprecedented period of technological change and disruption – an ‘Information Tsunami’ – BIM, blockchain technology, machine learning, IoT, Big data analysis, AI-based intelligent advisors etc. This is having a profound effect on most sectors, especially financial services, and will clearly cause major disruption in construction. The UK Government has been highly successful in encouraging FinTech to rejuvenate the Banks, and is now encouraging similar initiative in HealthTech, and LawTech. The Construction Blockchain Consortium aims to encourage change and respond to opportunities."

Alan Penn

Professor in Architectural and Urban Computing

University College London