Design, Construction & Safety

Construction industry is largely characterised by fragmentation in processes, services and firms. One of its persistent problems is the disconnect between design and construction. This disconnect is mainly due to the lack of open and trustworthy information across the supply chain. Blockchain technology has the potential to adverse these effects through the use of open and transparent transactions.

Apart from minimising the interfaces between Design and Construction, Blockchain technology can contribute to improving both in isolation. First, blockchain can facilitate Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) and Computational Design in general, by enabling transparent information flows. Second, blockchain technology could nicely complement information and change management in Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems, both authoring and managing tools. Thereafter, leveraging smart contracts and trusting environments, blockchain technology can improve Supply Chain Management and logistics control.


Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), Computational Design, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Supply Chain Management, Automated supply chain, Traceability of assets, Logistics, compliance and verification