Andrew Lindsey

After nearly a decade as a serial entrepreneur in the media and technology sectors, Andrew Lindsey recently joined Alpha Corporation as a market strategist and a member of the firm’s global marketing and business development team. At Alpha, Andrew has focused his strategic efforts on identifying growth opportunities in private and emerging markets including in both the educational and medical service sectors.

Throughout his career, Andrew has collaborated with a broad cross section of industry leaders in an effort to support long-term solutions to a range of challenges in the education, entertainment, and medical research fields. To support these efforts, Andrew has emphasized integrating solutions across markets by connecting communities and using technology as a conduit and translator. Along these lines, Andrew believes blockchain technology provides the pipeline through which those diverse and dynamic communities can communicate.

Ultimately, Andrew looks to forge a closer collaboration between the AEC community, STEM research professionals, and the end users. The goal of this cross-market cooperation is to ensure projects are thought through clearly and carefully from a variety of informed perspectives, while at the same time bringing dynamic research to the forefront of early education and advanced industry.