Dear Steering Committee,

Thank you for attending the meeting today. We are collating your views to revise the CBC Workstreams definitions and how they align with the CBC projects presented today.

As a reference, the three projects are: •Smart Financing, •Smart Procurement •Distributed BIM.

The current CBC Workstreams are:

•Legal•Financing•Culture & Change•Design & Construction•Building Operations•Energy & Sustainability•Smart Cities•Policy & Compliance•Supply Chains.

The current Workstreams groups are based on the 'themes' defined last year and we would like to simplify this. We envision that each group would have a 'lead' + a 'technical point of contact'.

The form is self explanatory and event if you did not attend the meeting today, please take a moment to write some feedback. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Abel Maciel

What workstreams do you believe are essential for organising Steering Committee's input in projects and manage liaison with our members? Please explain why.
What terms 'cut' across (have an effect) on all identified workstreams discussed today? E.g. Trust, Tendering, Readiness, etc.
What do you envision the roles and responsibilities of a 'Workstream Lead' to be?