DLT & New Financing Models For The Construction Sector

Challenges and opportunities underlying the use of blockchain to finance construction and infrastructure projects

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Tokenising Solutions in the Construction Sector

Alpesh Doshi

Alpesh Doshi is an innovative and dynamic thought leader and Entrepreneur in how organisations can transform and future-proof their business using emerging technologies, particularly around Blockchain digital, big data & analytics. He is focused on innovative thinking and practical strategies, to add value for his clients fast and often, introducing the agile approach of working to digital transformation. Alpesh became involved in Blockchain over 3 years ago after learning about Ethereum. He blends business strategy and implementation of decentralized models with the technology background on how to leverage their capabilities. He runs Fintricity, a consulting, research and ventures company.


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What Are Start-Ups Working On?

Mat Colmer

Mat Colmer is the Built Environment Lead at Digital Catapult, the UK's leading agency for the early adoption of advanced digital technologies. He specialises in advancements that shape our urban and built environments. He gives particular focus to transformation driven by organisational requirements, rather than being influenced only by technology innovations. Matt uses evidence to inform and validate future approaches relevant to the architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) sectors and ensure that businesses can learn and benefit from continuous improvement.

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Transformation, Project Management software systems and Blockchains

Dr. Dimitris Antoniadis

Dimitris Antoniadis has 30 years experience in Programme and Project Management positions having covered project phases from concept to handover and operation/maintenance. He has held Senior Management posts in major utilities, infrastructure and construction organisations. Dimitris has designed, set up and managed a number of Programme Management Offices (PMOs) with a wide range of responsibilities, including responding to Parliamentary questions on a multi-billion budget programme of works. He has also led or co-led major transformation programmes to which the PMOs played central role in covering interfaces, upstream to Executive Management and other Directorates, as well as downstream to delivery by Alliance organisations.



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How blockchain liberates capital in engineering and industrial businesses 

Tim Rook, IBM

Tim Rook is a chartered mechanical engineer and associate partner at IBM with the industrial team. He has a broad background in engineering including military, manufacturing, construction, energy and renewables. He has worked in senior leadership positions to drive innovation, strategy and improvement including; the UK's largest solar thermal & heat pump system, CO2 refrigeration, biomass boilers and the design of some of the largest district heating projects. This lead on to working with blockchain and digital technologies to enhance engineering processes, it is Tim’s belief that digital transformation is the engine management system that will drive a 50% increase in performance across industrial businesses.

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The CBC's seminars are strategic, tailored events dealing with topical themes and challenges in the construction industry. The series explores the potential disruption and applications of DLT and blockchain in the built environment. The events bring together leading industry and academic practitioners of the field to share and debate new knowledge.


The Construction Blockchain Consortium was established to develop knowledge transfer, arrange commercial and academic presentations, assess and test commercial services and technology, conduct research, and drive policy, regulation and understanding of the consequences of Blockchain and other emerging technologies in the Built Environment. CBC is led by the UCL Department of Computer Science and the The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment.

We also investigate the development of open source tools on behalf of the industry and to encourage application developers to build proprietary technology and services to deliver sustainable construction solutions.